Daniel Radcliffe for Essential Homme Magazine by Kevin Sinclair.



no emoji in the world can replace the depth of :/

"I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that."
-Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #138 (via babytachi)

Dawn, Day, and Twilight, William Bouguereau


pour one out to the neopets we left for dead



*looks at boys my age* wow way too young for me

"I know what makes him cry and I know what makes him cum. So I win."
-My co-worker, on her ex. (via lulu-a)